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Australian Formal & Evening Wear Label - Shipping to the world. We at A&N Luxe Label are a fashion-forward and high-end fashion boutique based in Brisbane, QLD Australia, and we strive to provide gorgeous women an unending variety of timeless gowns and dresses to mark their formal and festive occasions with striking glamour. A selection of our gowns can be made-to-measure which means you don't need to stress about gowns that don't fit anymore. We make it based on your measurements. Much love, A&N Luxe Label.


We believe that the future of fashion is about introducing sustainability & minimising our emission footprint. This is why we are primarily a made-to-order label. By not having our gowns in stock & getting them made only when a customer orders one, waste is greatly reduced. Time & material isn’t used on producing a large amount of standard size & style gowns. It also means we can save money & make more on-trend gowns for you to choose from, whilst also providing our customers with the option of creating their dream gown. Made to order is a win - win situation. Read more here.