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Why did my item increase/decrease in price at checkout?

This is mainly caused by your checkout converting the price to AUD (Australian Dollars) from your foreign currency displayed. For our international customers, the price you see at the product & cart page/s are displayed in your currency (which has a different conversion rate than AUD - ultimately you will be paying the same price).


Can you provide me an example of this currency conversion?

For example, the $USD 230.00 which you see in your product page & your cart page is equivalent to the $AUD 299.00 which you see in your checkout page. This does not mean you are paying more, but simply making payment in AUD, and not in USD.


Why does the checkout page show me a different price?

Because A&N Luxe Label processes all orders in AUD (Australian Dollars). While the content of your cart is currently displayed in a foreign currency, you will checkout using AUD at the most current exchange rate.


How does your website know my currency?

All prices displayed on this website will automatically display the domestic currency of the visitors country/region. The currency shown is based by detection of the visitors IP address. Alternatively, you can manually 'select a currency' by clicking the country flag displayed at the top of the website. A drop-down menu will appear which you can scroll down to view a list of the many currency options available to you.


How do i make payment in AUD (Australian Dollars) if i don't have an Australian bank account & i don't live in Australia?

The bank/financial institution linked to your payment method (for example, credit card, PayPal etc) will process the conversion (in your country's currency) for you in the background and will appear in your statement. This is all automatic; all you need to simply do is hit the 'Pay Now' button.

How do i return my item?

Simply visit our Returns Policy page and lodge a 'return request' via the Returns Manager Tool, which is found at the very bottom of the Returns Policy page.



How long does it take to receive a response regarding my return request lodgement?

All return requests will be actioned within 5 business days from date of lodgement. Additionally upon approval, all returns will be processed within 5 business days of physically receiving your item. In total, please allow 10 business days at most for your return to be fully finalised.


Where do i return my item?

Once you have lodged your 'Return Request', our returns team will review your request. Once approved, you will receive emails containing the return shipping address & further instructions on how to return your item.


How much time do i have to return my item?

All eligible items must initiate return within 14 days of receipt of your item. In other words, your must lodge/present your item to the post office to commence its return within 14 days of receiving it. Returns attempted outside of the 14-days of the customer receiving the parcel (as per tracking details) will be denied and returned to the customer.


What if my return is treated a priority and i cannot wait the maximum 10 business days to process a return? You may be eligible for our speedy-exchange service; please read this FAQ.

If you do place a second order to bypass the return process, you will not be eligible for free shipping on your second order as this is considered an exchange request. The customer is responsible for all return-shipping costs regardless of how the exchange-request is being made.

Re-shipping costs will apply to your new order and a PayPal money request will be forwarded to you, and only when paid will the exchange-item be sent.

If this exchange process is undertaken, your request to refund your original order will only be granted once you can prove an exchange took place (quoting your new order #) and the returning item having successfully met the return condiitons as stated on the Returns Policy page.

Conditions to use our speedy exchange service:

- Restricted to same style of item purchased.
- Different colour in the same style of item purchased only.
- Different size (up or down) in the same style of item purchased only.

Customer must inform customer care via the contact form below, or alternatively email info[at]anofficial.com of the following information:

- The new exchange order #, and the original order # which is being exchanged (so customer care can prioritise and link your orders).
- Confirm payment of our exchange-shipping fee via the PayPal money request sent to you.
- Provide tracking # of returning item with live tracking events.

Failure to confirm/execute the above conditions, your order may be missed and placed in the normal order processing queue & on the assumption the exchange-shipping fees (to you, the customer) are not paid. Furthermore, your new exchanged order cannot be dispatched until a valid tracking # with live tracking events is supplied.

It is the customer's responsibility to inform us of the above information for this speedy exchange service to be executed properly.

How is my store credit issued?

Your store credit will be issued in the form of a coupon code.

What is a coupon code?

A coupon code is your unique code created by us which applies to you, containing your store credit amount. This is the code you require to use your store credit amount owing to you.


What is 'store credit'?

Store credit is the amount owing to you from us. For example, when you return an item to us, we return your money paid for the item in the form of a store credit.


How do i receive my store credit?

You will receive your store credit (in the form of a unique coupon code issued to you by our returns team) when your returning item is in our physcial possession and has been physcially inspected and met our returning conditions.


How do i use my store credit?

You can use your store credit by entering your 'unique issued coupon code' at the checkout page. You will find a 'white field box' at the checkout page reading 'Discount' within it. This is where you enter your coupon code, then hit 'Apply' to activate your coupon code to your purchase.


My coupon code isn't working? Why?

This could be due to any of the following reasons:

1. You have entered unecessary spaces, unaware of actually doing this. Backspace before the code and delete any entered spaces after the code.
2. You have entered other symbols/characters within the code. Ensure that only letters and numbers are entered. Nothing else.
3. Your code may have expired. Contact us, so we can further assist.

I didn't receive my order confirmation email?

Please ensure to check your junk/ spam folders in case our emails are not successfully being delivered to your inbox. Or, you may have misspelled your email address during the checkout process - if this is the case, please contact us to correct this.


How do i know my order has been fulfilled/shipped?

Assuming you have provided your accurate email address; when an order is dispatched, an automatically-generated email from our shipping carrier is sent to your email address containing the tracking information for your parcel. Furthermore, you will also receive a fulfillment email from our online store confirming shipment of your order.


What does shipped/ dispatched/ fulfilled mean?

These 3 words have the same meaning. If you see either of these words on our website or by our customer care agents, it simply means your order has been shipped and it is on its way to you.


When will you ship my order?

Orders are processed and shipped Monday to Friday between 9:00am & 3:30pm AEST, excluding weekends and public holidays. If an order is placed before 3:00pm AEST, it will be endeavoured to be processed to be dispatched that same day. However during busy periods, processing times may take up to 2 business day at the very latest.


Is processing times different to shipping times?

Yes. Once your order has been packed and processed in the queue it then awaits to be shipped; delivery times then apply. Please visit the 'Shipping & Delivery Times' page for our available shipping methods & delivery times for your country destination. You can find this page at the footer of the website.


How can i prioritise the processing time for my order?

When you select & pay for the 'Priority Expedited Shipping' option at checkout, your order is bumped forward in the processing queue & shipped via the fastest shipping method, as this signifies that your order is genuinely urgent.


Can i cancel an order after i make payment?

No. Once you place an order via our website it cannot be amended or cancelled. Please choose carefully when placing an order on our website. In extreme circumstances, a refund is permissable with a RE-STOCK PENALTY being applied. Which means 50% of the total amount paid for your garment will be immediately subtracted from the total refund amount & your order closed. This 50% is exclusive of all additional return-shipping fees. (i.e. paid shipping fees by A&N to send the item to you & return the item us - if applicable).


I need to change something on my order, how can i do this?

Please choose carefully as we cannot amend orders after 12 hours of order placement. Unless you are approached by one of our customer care agents to do this, due to stocking issues/delayed arrival dates on our end.


Why was my order/ items within my order cancelled & refunded?

Due to an unforeseen event, the item/s you ordered suddenly became out of stock and is no longer available. We promise these cases are rare. However, if an item within your order does become unavailable, you will be contacted within 24 to 48 hours about the change/cancellation. If your order contains additional items in stock, these items will still be shipped to you and the unavailable item/s will be removed from your order & refunded.

Do you have a physical store?

Unfortunately, not at the moment. We are solely based online from Australia.


Can i come in & try on clothing before purchase?

No, we do not have a showroom or a retail store as of yet. However, we allow returns for sizing/style concerns. Please refer to our Returns Policy for more information regarding returns.


How long does it take to receive a response to my email/enquiry?

We work Monday to Friday 7:30 AM - 5:00 PM AEST.

Usually, we respond to all customer enquiries within 12-24 hours during business hours (which excludes weekends & public holidays). During busy periods it may take longer. Please be patient as we do not ignore emails. We will acknowledge all emails within our time frame.


I received my item, but the colour doesn't look like the colour in the photo on the website?

Please note, the colour of the the garments displayed on this website may differ to the true and actual colour of the physical garment. Even though we strive our very best to display the true colour of the garment as accurate as possible on our website, many factors can have an impact on the colour you view on your device's screen/monitor.

These factors are but not limited too: Monitor/Screen Type, Device age & Type, Display Settings, Flash/Lighting within displayed content.

For more images/content please refer back to our official Instagram video clips/photos @anluxelabel
Alternatively, you can view our customer apprecation page @anluxebabes

How do i track my parcel?

At time of shipment, you will receive x2 emails from us.

1. Fulfilment email containing your tracking number acting as confirmation of shipment for your order.
2. An additional informative email reminding you of your tax/duties implications on your parcel (if any) including additional tracking links relevant to your country.

You will also receive a seperate email from our shipping partner, confirming creation of your shipment. This email will also usually contain your tracking information.


How else can i track my parcel?

We have a tracking tool built within our website on the 'Shipping Info & Delivery Times' page. Simply click on the 'Track Order' button within this page and follow the instructions to track your order. You will be required to either provide your email/phone number & Order number or the unique tracking number provided to you.

Can you make gowns made to my measurements?

Yes, we do & we can.


What is a Made-to-Order Item?

All A&N Collection garments purchased are made-to-order.

No A&N collection garments are held in stock. An A&N Collection garment is considered a Made-to-Order garment regardless of whether your purchase consisted of a standard size (without you providing measurements or other customisations); OR if your purchase consisted of your measurements or other customistaions being provided.


What can i customise for my gown?

Made-To-Order products can be altered based on your following measurments only:

1. BUST: Place the tape around your body at the fullest part of your bust, keeping the tape level.

2. WAIST: The smallest part of your torso, located above your hips. Measure around the narrowest point, generally a few centimetres above your belly button.

3. HIPS: Keeping the tape level, measure around your body from the fullest part of your bottom.

4. COLOUR: Made-To-Order garments can be made in other colours if the colour you require is not available online. Please email us for a swatch card.


Can i make further adjustments, other than my measurements?

Made-To-Order products can further be adjusted in the following ways for a small fee (Please contact us for pre-approval before placing an order):

- Add/Remove a slit

- Add/Remove sleeves

- Add additional train


Can i custom make a gown from scratch?

We can accept special orders on simple dresses and styles with no beaded and couture. You must send us the style you like for our confirmation/approval. Please be in touch via the website contact form.


What can not be customised?

1. Items that do not have the 'CUSTOM' option next to the size. An example of such items are: Evita, Cynthia, Justina, Louis, Melody, Mina & Valentina

2. Alamour The Label Dresses

3. Sale items


What is your cancellation policy regarding A&N Collection Made-to-Order garments?

Strict no cancellation policy on the A&N Collection (Some exemptions allowed):

In an event where the occasion dress is not required due to any unforeseen circumstances either by yourself or A&N Luxe Label, cancellation of the Made-to-Order item that does not have specific measurements/customisations provided, may be permitted with the acceptance of a 50% Production-Fee Penalty. This penalty means 50% of the total amount paid for your garment will be immediately subtracted from the total refund amount & your order closed.

Important Disclosure: If you provide your measurements/ customisations when placing your order, this dress will be made specifically for your body shape & will be a one-off piece. Due to this, we cannot accept cancellations, returns or exchanges, as we cannot re-sell the item.


Can i refund a Made-to-Order Garment?

A&N Luxe Label is not held liable for any unforeseen delays that may occur if you wish to purchase a Made-To-Order item. So please take extra care when placing your order, as we do not issue refunds for unexpected delays, change of mind, sizing changes or sudden cancellations.

Where do you ship from?

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


Do you ship worldwide?

Yes. We ship to all countries within all continents, including but not limited to: USA, Australia, NZ, UK, Canada, South America, Asia, Europe & Middle East.


How do i know the shipping cost to me?

All of our shipping fees and delivery times can be found on our 'Shipping & Delivery Times' link found at the footer of the website. Or simply by visiting the following link:


Do you provide free shipping?

Yes, we do!

Australian Customers. We offer Free shipping within Australia on orders of AUD $200.00 & over. (Tracking included & most parcels attract signature on delivery).

International Customers. We offer Free shipping for our international Customers on orders of AUD $250.00 & over. (Tracking & signature on delivery included on all parcels)


Which countries do you provide the 'Free Shipping' promotion too?

North & South America: USA/United States of America, Canada, Mexico.

Europe: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Jersey, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK/United Kingdom.

Asia & Australasia: Australia, China, Fiji, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Macao, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand.


What if my delivery country is not provided within this list above?

We can still ship to you, however your order will incur a flat fee shipping charge of AUD$50.00. Simply, proceed to checkout and select your country from the drop-down list.

Do you make custom garments?

Yes, we custom-make gowns based on your measurements only. Measurements include: Bust, Waist, Hips & Height. Other customisations can include: Colour options, addition of extra train length and addition/removal of sleeves or slits (depending on the garment & at special request only). All other customisations are not gauranteed & will need to be confirmed & approved with a representative from A&N.

Furthermore, the garment must have the 'Custom' option available on the product page, beside the other standard sizing options. If you do not see this ''Custom' option, then the garment will not be customisable.


How do i obtain my Bust, Waist & Hips measurements?

Please refer to our Size Guide via the following link for detailed instructions on how to obtain your measurements. https://anofficial.com/pages/sizing-guide

If still unsure, please visit an alteration specialist, seamstress or dress-maker for accurate measuring.


Can you alter my gown?

We can only customise what we advertise. Unfortunately, A&N does not provide any post-order alteration services. All post-order alterations must be done by you, (the customer). We sell garments as is 'ready-to-wear'. A&N only offers customisation-options at time of purchase only. Please see FAQ above.


Do you cater for petite girls?

Our garments are suitable for 5"4 & over.


I am unsure about sizing & fit?

Please contact us via the form below with your usual dress size and measurements and a customer care agent will be able to assist you. Information on how to obtain your measurements can be found in our size guide. Our size guide can be found at the footer of this website, by clicking on the link named 'size guide'.

Do I have to pay additional fees upon clearance of my parcel by Customs in my country?

Yes (Except for USA & Australia). All Customs Duties & Taxes are to be payable by you to Customs at the time of import into your country for a successful delivery of your item/s.

A&N Luxe Label does not collect any import-related Duties/ Taxes from the customer. Your order will be exclusive of Duties & Taxes (ie. GST/ VAT) which will only become due & payable at your country’s border. This is not a fee by A&N Luxe Label, but that from your country’s border protection officials.

If I live in Australia or the United States (USA), am I subject to pay any additional Duties/ Taxes on my purchase?

No. USA & Australia WILL NOT attract any Customs Duties or additional Taxes. You only pay what you see at checkout.

Can i get a refund if i don't like my item for any reason or just didn't receive it in time?

No, refunds are not permitted on incorrect sizing/change of mind/delivery delays. You will be issued with a store credit to re-order the correct size/style only.


Can i exchange my item?

Yes, we do allow exchanges. You may want to return your item for an exchange due to the colour not being suitable or the fit just was not right. Whatever the reason, we allow you to return the item. You will be provided with a store credit only to place your exchange order.


Can i return or exchange final sale items?

No. All final sale items cannot be returned or exchanged.


How long does it take to process a return for my exchange?

All return requests will be actioned within 5 business days from date of lodgement - See 'Returns FAQ's'. Additionally upon approval, all returns will be processed within 5 business days of physically receiving your item. In total, please allow 10 business days at most for your return to be fully finalised.

What is AfterPay & Sezzle?

AfterPay is simply, a 'Buy now, pay later' payment option for our Australian customers. Whereas, Sezzle is a 'Buy now, pay later' payment option for our USA customers. AfterPay & Sezzle are online payment methods that allow you to pay for your online purchases after receiving them.


How does AfterPay & Sezzle work?

1. Choose Afterpay/ Sezzle at checkout.
2. Quickly create an account using your existing debit or credit card.
3. Instant approval.


How do i pay back AfterPay/ Sezzle for my purchase?

Afterpay & Sezzle split your payments over four equal instalments due every fortnight. Nominate the card you want to use and automatic payments are scheduled for you. You must be 18 or older to create an account.


What are the benefits of paying with AfterPay or Sezzle?

1. Pay for your purchases over four simple instalments, due every two weeks.
2. Pay nothing extra when you pay on time.
No new card applications & instant approval online.


Things you need to know when selecting Afterpay or Sezzle as a payment method:

1. Minimum spend requirement is AUD $100.00 per order to be eligible to checkout successfully using Afterpay/ Sezzle.

2. You need to be an Australian Customer to use AfterPay; and a USA customer to use Sezzle.

3. Upon checking out with Afterpay/ Sezzle, you will receive your item/s straight away. there is no need to wait as it is NOT a lay-by service being directly managed with the store; if your item is in stock it will be shipped to you upon successfully placing an order with A&N.

4. How Afterpay/ Sezzle works is that they (Afterpay/ Sezzle) will pay A&N in full for your purchase, and you as the customer will repay the total order amount in instalments to Afterpay/ Sezzle.

5. In the event a return is required, you will continue making your normal repayments to Afterpay/ Sezzle in the form of instalments. However, you will receive your store credit amount from us in full ! As Afterpay have already paid us in full on your behalf. You will continue making the normal instalments to Afterpay/ Sezzle until the total order amount is finalised with them.


Do you have a 'Shop Now, Pay Later' option for customers from other countries, other than USA & Australia?

No. Not at the moment. When we do, we will update the website accordingly and it will be visible as a payment method at checkout, once implemented for your country.

Why did i receive an email to verify my order? Or to confirm my shipping address?

Your order may be subject to a routine verification process and/or address-checks. In the event these post-order checks are initiated to you via email (soon after placing your order); your response is required before your order can be fulfilled.


Why do you need to do this when my payment was made successfully?

These checks are a duty of care which we owe our customers to minimise fraud and to minimise risk of sending your item to an incorrect/ incomplete address. It is in your best interest to co-operate with our verifications team when these processs take place. They are going out of their way to help you & to ensure our website is fraud-free and safe for everyone to enjoy.


What advantage does this do for me (the customer)?

Someone may have stolen your payment details to place an order on our webiste. So, our verifications team at A&N strives to minimise any risk of potential fraud from occuring by ensuring the payment is verified. We play our part to ensure all orders are legitimate.


How do you know what order/s to verify? & when do you conduct these checks?

Our 'Fraud Analysis' tools and special manual-verification training enables our verifications team to know what appears suspicious. It is only carried out when a risk appears - trust me, we do not do this for fun.


I didn't receive my 'verification request' email - can i cancel my order?

You are responsible to act accordingly and reply promptly to all post-order verification requests (if applicable). A&N will not be held responsible for any delays made by us or you (the customer) due to fraud-preventative measures and/or address checks.

Please ensure to routinely check your Spam/Junk folders in case these emails were not successfully delivered to your inbox.

For all Verification concerns/enquiries, you are welcome to contact our customer care team via the following contact information:

Within Australia: 07 3392 4246
International: +61 7 3392 4246
Mon - Fri 8:00AM - 5:00pm AEST

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